About Me

Hi there, I’m Aly!


I’m 23 years old and an aspiring author from a small town in Northern Michigan. I’m definitely a homebody who will almost always choose a good book over a night out. I love to laugh, and pretty much do, over everything.

I’ve always loved to write. It’s where I’m most honest and definitely, most vulnerable. And that’s exactly what I want this blog to be. I love writing about day-to-day struggles, relationships, pop culture, mental health, and I really love to share random snippets from the romance novels I attempt to write.

Over the years, writing has become an escape for me. If something bad happened to me during a day, I immediately put pen to paper and by the end of it, I would be able to understand what happened a little bit better, and have the energy to get through it.

I occasionally write for Thought Catalog, and I love holding a platform where I can speak to people through my writing. It has honestly changed my life, and increased my goals to not only get a book published one day, but to help and inspire people with my writing.

I don’t hold back when I’m writing, but with that being said, I’m also a very open minded person, and I genuinely love hearing different opinions and attempting to see the world from a different perspective than my own.

I’m honestly an open book, and that’s exactly what this blog will be. So read along, and let’s get to know each other.