Let’s Be Honest

Hello everyone!!

I’ve been excited to share this news for awhile, and I’m practically bubbling with enthusiasm that I finally can.

I am starting a podcast with my best friend called Let’s Be Honest!

We’re two 23 year old women who just love to talk about life and pop-culture. We want it to be a lighthearted escape for anyone who listens, and a place where we can talk freely, laugh and relate to each other.

Our first episode isn’t going to be out until September 14th, but we’re going to have a fun advice segment on it, so I wanted to ask ahead of time to anyone who follows me if they needed some advice?

It can be literally anything, big or small. Dating, Friends, or life advice, or literally anything else!

Keep in mind that it’s an advice segment with a twist, where we will tell you what we think you should do, but also what we would actually do if we were in your shoes! (Which might be a little crazy knowing the two of us)

So, if you want any advice, shoot us an email at thelbhpodcast@gmail.com, or just leave your question for advice down in the comments.

Please participate if this sounds like a podcast you would like to listen to, and don’t be shy! We’re too very open minded people, who love to relate to others, and always have a good time.

Until then, follow us on twitter, or like our Facebook page below, and when the time comes we will let you know where you will be able to listen, for free of course!

LBH Podcast on Twitter

LBH Podcast on Facebook

2 thoughts on “Let’s Be Honest

  1. Sound like a really brilliant idea! I can’t currently think of anything that I need advice with but I’ll be sure to email you if I think of anything. Good luck with pod casting and I’m looking forward to listening! X

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