8 Struggles I Have As An Introvert

8. People don’t understand my love for being alone.


As weird as it sounds, being alone simply makes me happy. I need alone time. It honestly just makes me feel at peace. If I don’t get it for a long period of time, I will lose it.

7. Eye contact makes me uncomfortable.


Even this gif made me cringe. I’m sweating just thinking about it.

6. Small talk is beyond stressful.


I have too many thoughts to be brief. Plus, I’d honestly just much rather listen.

5. Going to the bar is so not fun.


Crowds of loud and rowdy people? No thank you. No thank you at all. I’ll have to get drunk before the bar, not at the bar.

4. I still have nightmares about classroom icebreakers.


Trying to think about three interesting facts about myself is the way I will die.

3. I am constantly daydreaming.


It’s so bad that my friends have to actually remind me to listen before they say something important. Literally, they will say “Okay now, this is important. So listen.”

2. Socializing for too long completely drains me.


This is literally me after I get home from being with people.

1. I don’t let many people in.


Okay, I have a few friends, and they’re amazing…but it took us a long time to get close because caring about people is hard, and scary.

22 thoughts on “8 Struggles I Have As An Introvert

  1. I’m not sure if I’m an introvert since I’m confident with dealing with different types of people. However, I prefer to be alone. Choosing between going to a party or staying at home isn’t even a choice for instance.

    I feel a lot more relaxed and comfortable when I’m walking, reading or watching tv alone.


  2. Classroom ice breakers were the worst things to ever exist. Instead of trying to think of 3 facts about me, I’m trying to figure out if they’re interesting enough. Way too much pressure. No one cares anyways, STOP IT TEACHERS!

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  3. Oh yeah definitely relate to this. I mean first off, I really don’t do well in group situations. One-on-one, yes. But even that is difficult if it’s someone I don’t know really well. I think that in general more-than-superficial conversation is a fucking chore for me. I can do small-talk shit all fucking day, pretty much with anyone, but anything more is like asking me to open a fucking vein. The me-time aspect is very crucial, especially after a group setting like a party or some shit. I refrain from those situations at all costs. Just let me stay home and it’s all good. As for the bar scene, though, I’m ok because I do have a few drinking buddies.


  4. Thanks for sharing this. There is a great book called “Quiet,” which discusses how many successful people are introverts and why. I also read there is a significant trend that more CEOs are introverts, due to the need to understand the intricacies of multiple businesses. So, you are in good company. I tend to be introverted, but choose to be extroverted as needed. The book I referenced spoke of this, which told me a lot. I nodded yes to many of the eight points you made.


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