Forget The Cool Hot Guy, Date The Dork

We’re all searching for our soulmate, and I say if we really want to find him, then we have to forget about the cool hot guy, and date the dork, because he’s the real prince charming.

Date the dork, because he’s the one who you’ll be able to be your complete self around.

Date the dork because he will be the one to sing with you in the car, and dance with you during the fast songs at weddings.

Date the dork, because he’ll take you to see romantic comedies and he won’t look completely miserable while he’s there, like he’s too cool to enjoy them. He’ll hold your hand in public, and won’t be afraid to laugh out loud.

Date the dork because he’ll do “childish things” with you like playing board games and video games. He’ll send you good morning texts, and good night texts. Date the dork, because he doesn’t get easily embarrassed. He’s confident in who he is, and that actually makes him sexy as hell.

Date the dork because he tries all things, and gives everything a chance. He’ll show you things you’ve never heard of and let you introduce him to new things as well.

Date the dork because he’ll let you explain to him why certain song lyrics tell the story of your life, and then he’ll show you song lyrics that tell you the story of his.

Date the dork because he’s the one who will assure you not to worry about how you look, and have fun with you even when you aren’t doing anything at all.

Date the dork because he won’t just tolerate your friends, but he’ll be friends with your friends. He’ll even have fun with your parents, and he’ll become part of your family.

Date the dork because you’ll become friends with his friends as well, because a guy like him has awesome friends. They won’t be standoffish, or snobby. They’ll be fun, and outgoing.

Date the dork because he won’t treat you differently in public, than he does in private. He’ll call you beautiful no matter where you are, or who you’re with. He’ll shout that he loves you from the roof tops, and make sure there is never a doubt in your mind about how he feels.

Date the dork because he won’t get offended when you call him a dork. He’ll take it as a compliment, because you’re a dork too.

Date the dork because he won’t make you nervous, he’ll make you feel safe. He won’t roll his eyes when you make a lame joke, he’ll laugh his ass off and tell you one in return.

Date the dork because he won’t just nod his head when you talk. He’ll engage with you, and talk to you for hours about anything and everything, and laugh with you over nothing.

Date the dork, because he’s the one who is going to be your best friend, and the one who is going to make you laugh so hard you cry.

Date the dork because even on your worst days he will be the one to bring a smile to your face.

Date the dork, and then marry him, because looks don’t last forever, but laughter with your best friend, does.


38 thoughts on “Forget The Cool Hot Guy, Date The Dork

      1. I don’t think that’ll make a difference though. I earlier used to send him so many thought catalog articles hoping he would try to be a little romantic but in vain. I have given up now. Stuck with a boring dork . I do love that idiot though. 😉

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      2. You’ve got to just plan something crazy fun to do with him and make it a surprise and when he has a great time say, “See, we could be been doing this all along.” Or give him a list of things you’d like him to do for you and tell him to mark random days in his calender when he’ll do them and surprise you. If he gets through all (let’s say 5) by the end of the year, you’ll have a treat for him, or maybe you just won’t ask him to do more than that. Hopefully he’ll love seeing your reactions and come to love being more romantic on his own.

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      3. Hey… we had a fight last night for the sole reason we fight all the time- him not ever expressing his love. I made him read this article and your comment. He said he’s willing to do this. We are in a long distance relationship right now but in 3-4 months we’ll be in the same city. I hope things would get better then. Thanks for the thoughtful comment. 🙂
        And thank you for the post Aly.


      4. Oh my goodness, if I helped in any little way I’m so happy. I hope he sees your effort to make things work and it’s awesome he’s willing to give it a try. I wish you guys the absolute best!

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  1. I might be a dork, and I married this wonderful girl 14 years ago. And we do all the things mentioned in the script. Did I say that we are very very happy?



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  2. I wish I was that dork. I’m mainly not but would aim to be. I would say dorks are crippled by their dorkishness and are not how you say they are. Unless I’m thinking of another type of person, not a dork.


  3. After 42 years of marriage I heartily agree! Get yourself a geeky dork and hang on for a fun filled, belly-laughing, amazing ride. It only gets better with time. My advice has always been to go for a geek because he’ll always have a job.


  4. Oh this is beautiful, made my heart swell! Girl you should be writing rom-com scripts, I’d be first one in the theatres to watch them x

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