Being Happy In Love

We sit across from each other quietly, as I wait on him to bring up the usual small talk we so often have.

“What do you have planned for your life?” he asks, his genuine curiosity shining through his expression, and completely surprising me.

I mull over his question, unsure of if I should actually tell him. I don’t tell anyone usually. I just say what’s expected of me at the time. I tell my parents, something practical, like maybe studying business, or human resources. I tell my friends that I just want to make decent money in a 9-5 job, and have a family some day since it’s what they always claim to want as well. I wonder if they’re lying to me too.

“I want to be a writer,” I blurt out, before I can second guess telling him any longer. “I mean, I love to write. I’ll have a back up plan though. I know I need one.”

“Nah,” he says simply. “If you love to write, that’s all you should be doing.”

I study his face, searching for any sign of insincerity. I don’t find any though. His bright blue eyes are piercing in to mine, and his lips are stretched wide in to a full blown smile, and not his usual smirk that I swear he uses to come off as cool.

“Yeah, I think you’re right. What do you want out of your life?” I ask, suddenly craving his answer.

He looks at me for a few seconds, and I feel my cheeks heat. Is he even going to answer me?

“I just want to be happy,” he says finally. “It’s not as easy as people think it is.”

I move my head up and down, in complete understanding of his words. “What will make you happy?”

This time, he answers instantly. “Being around the people that I love.”

The honesty of his words pulls at something in my chest, and I feel my own face break out in to a wide smile.

“Don’t tell anyone I said that,” he says.

I throw my head back as a laugh bubbles out of my throat.

He laughs too, and the sound has my heart beating faster. “I’m serious, Lily,” he says, after his own laughter resides.

I roll my eyes as his usual “cool guy” expression slides back in to place. “I won’t,” I assure him. “But I think that’s what everyone wants, deep down, anyway.”

“And are you happy, Lily Barnes?”

The sound of my full name coming from his lips, leaves no doubt in my mind. “Yeah. Right now, I am.”

I just wonder if he knows that it’s because I’m around the person that I love.


25 thoughts on “Being Happy In Love

  1. I agree with you. Most things we badly want or strive for is because we think they’d make us happy. This post made me smile and I think love surpasses all things.


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