A Letter To My Future Self: Are You A Published Author Yet?

Dear Future Self,

I know you’re anxious to read this. I mean it isn’t every day you get a letter addressed to you, from you, right? So, I’ll just cut to the chase. Are you a published author yet?

Wait, no, don’t answer that. I’m not ready hear it if the answer is no.

You’ve wanted this for so long. Even back when you were in college for business administration. You hated business administration. You spent all the time you should have been studying, writing your first book. It was the last thing you should have been doing but at the same time, it felt like the only thing you should have been doing.

It was a scary feeling to have. I mean you weren’t good enough. It’s what you told yourself over and over again, but still you kept writing. It was scary to love something so much but at the same time, conforming to have something that made you so happy.

You spent years not telling anyone about what you did in your spare time. You spent years in college studying a major you absolutely hated because you were so afraid to let yourself want your dream. It was terrifying because what if you failed? What if the safe place you found in writing became an endless route of humiliation and doubt when you realized you weren’t all that good at it?

You spent hours writing most days. Sometimes you wrote from sundown to sunrise, and there were times you didn’t know if you would ever finish. It was tiring and so much harder than you had ever imagined.

But then, you did it. You completed your first novel and you shared your writing with your family and your friends. You wrote articles that people told you they were inspired and motivated by. It was life changing and their words inspired you.

You wrote another book, and I’m sure since then, you’ve written a lot more. Because even if you haven’t been published, I know that your love for writing is a love that will never die. It’s something you do every chance you get. So, scratch that earlier thought about not being able to handle if the answer was no.

If you’re not a published author, that’s okay. Because regardless of if you have a publication that somehow makes you feel legitimized, you’re still a writer, and you still love it with every ounce of your soul, and that will never change.


Your Past Self.

P.S. The word “yet” doesn’t mean “not ever.” Keep writing. If you’re still alive, you still have time to achieve your dream.

42 thoughts on “A Letter To My Future Self: Are You A Published Author Yet?

  1. Oh my gosh! This is so inspiring for a starter like me. Im also a graduate of a business course and writing is what I love. I always wanted to be a writer and then I quit the dream. But here I am starting a blog, wanting to write again. Thanks for this.

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