Scattered Scripturient

A word that I am almost positive is made up defines me,Β Scripturient: To have a consuming passion to write.Β 

I found it on one of those word of the day apps on my phone, but every time I type the word out, that devilish little red dotted line pops up underneath it. That didn’t stop me from tattooing it on my wrist, or naming this blog after it.

It’s the only word, made up, or not, that I’ve ever felt had completely spoken to me.

I dream of being a profession author, but whether that happens or not, I will continue to write. Whether it’s for fun and to relate to others, or to discuss the issues I believe don’t get talked about nearly enough.

I want this to be a safe haven. A place to keep my thoughts and hopefully relate and communicate with anyone who craves the same thing.

I will never hold back. It just isn’t in my nature. I’m honest and I have opinions like everyone else in this world, but with that being said I want it to be known I’ll never expect everyone to agree with everything I think, and while I live for relating to other humans and understanding each other, I am always up for a different opinion and a new way at seeing the world.

So anyway, stick around, and lets relate, disagree, and communicate.

I swear I didn’t meant to rhyme there.


21 thoughts on “Scattered Scripturient

  1. Hello there, welcome to the blogging community! I love the name of your blog and your intro is very well written. I’m fairly new here too, but the experience has been very positive on my writing journey. Keep writing! πŸ™‚

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  2. Hi Aly! I’m glad to have stumbled on your blog because I am loving the vibe of it and your voice! I see why you love the word scripturient so much, and who cares if it’s made up? Some of the best stories are made up after all πŸ˜‰

    I can’t wait to explore your posts. It’s lovely to meet you!


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  3. I really appreciate the way you write! I am not a great writer and I find myself struggling to make sense sometimes. I am also very new to blogging (photos and a little writing) and I really enjoy reading posts like this. Continue to write!! I look forward to reading more!!

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  4. I really appreciate the way you write.
    I had thought once that how and why did you choose the word scripturient. But its good. And your other posts are alone very good.I am also new on it and you are my one of the favorite writer and my inspiration.
    Keep writing😘

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